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A Modern & Stylish Practice in Hampton

The Dental Group Bayside was established in 1999 in Hampton, Victoria. Our Bayside practice is an expansion of our larger, well-established practice in Dingley which has been serving the local community since 1970. We are close to local bus and train routes and there is plenty of parking nearby. The practice is wheelchair accessible. The Dental Group Bayside has three well-equipped surgeries as well as a waiting area and a children’s area. This practice is open from Monday to Friday, from 8:00am to 5:30pm each day.

Our Services

General Dentistry

Our priority is to help you obtain and maintain optimal health, function and stability with your mouth. Modern dentistry enables this in many ways with preventive approaches and clever minimally invasive technology so that whatever your needs you should never have discomfort during any treatment.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

If you have concerns about the appearance of your smile; misaligned or irregular teeth, discoloured or stained teeth, we have many options for improvement. This ranges from simple cleaning and whitening to comprehensive smile makeovers with orthodontics, bonding, veneers or implant supported dentistry.

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There are many exciting options available for aligning teeth that are crooked or correcting a bite relationship that is a problem. We provide comprehensive orthodontics from simple cosmetic alignment of front teeth to facial growth guidance in children and adolescents using orthopaedic appliances and fixed appliances.

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At Dingley, Prosthetist Warwick Tibballs has been a specialist in the design, construction and fitting of high quality tooth replacements for over 30 years. With the benefit of collaboration with our Dentists, he is able to deliver the best in prostheses from his on-site laboratory.

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Children’s Dentistry

Children have different oral health needs to adults and our treatments are aimed at preventing any diseases from developing and on showing children and parents the best way to look after their teeth and gums at home, so they can grow up enjoying all the benefits offered by having a healthy mouth.

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Advanced Services

In addition to our comprehensive range of preventative and restorative treatments, we offer a number of advanced dental services. These are the types of services that are less commonly required, but it is reassuring to know you can still receive these treatments in familiar and comfortable surroundings from staff you know and trust.

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Facial Growth Guidance

Most crooked teeth and problem bites are a product of inappropriate facial and jaw growth during childhood. We can intercept and redirect this growth with quite simple removable orthopaedic appliances (plates). The earlier we can identify the causes of the improper growth, the better we are able to correct things.

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We Encourage Questions

Any recommended treatments are always fully explained and we actively encourage questions. You can rest assured it will never be too much trouble as we want you to have all the knowledge required to make informed choices about your dental care. This is absolutely essential in building trust so you can have complete confidence in your dental care.

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