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Sedation and Sleep Dentistry

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Modern Dentistry Can Be Completely Comfortable

Modern dental techniques enable us to provide any procedure or dental service without discomfort or pain. We know many people have concerns over receiving dental treatment which is why we take time to understand your preferences and past experiences before any examination is provided.

Using this information, we will be able to formulate a treatment plan tailored to your unique circumstances and which you will control. Our approach is designed to minimise any anxieties, particularly for anyone who may have experienced difficulties in receiving dental treatment in the past.

How We Can Help Make Dental Visits a More Positive Experience

There are a number of reasons why some people find dentistry unpleasant, including noise and odours. Sometimes the solution can be relatively straightforward, for example through using noise cancelling headphones combined with a gentle approach to treatment. Local anaesthetic can be skilfully given in such a way as to be comfortable yet effective.

Certain circumstances do require a different approach, particularly where complex procedures are required or where dental anxieties are a concern. There are several different options that may be applied. The use of Inhalation Analgesia (Penthrox®), Oral Sedation or Inhalation Sedation (Happy Gas), combined with advanced Local Anaesthetic techniques can enable extensive or difficult procedures to be comfortably carried out in our treatment rooms.

Intravenous Sedation is very gentle and non-invasive and while you will still be awake, you will feel very sleepy. General Anaesthesia is administered by a Specialist Anaesthetist so treatment may be carried out while you are completely asleep. Both these services are provided at a day procedure hospital while the dental care is given by our experienced dentists.


We Encourage Questions

Any recommended treatments are always fully explained and we actively encourage questions. You can rest assured it will never be too much trouble as we want you to have all the knowledge required to make informed choices about your dental care. This is absolutely essential in building trust so you can have complete confidence in your dental care.