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Teeth Whitening

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Why Consider Teeth Whitening?

Teeth can discolour due to lifestyle choices (such as drinking tea, coffee, red wine and smoking) or through taking certain medications, or colour changes can result due to an injury to a tooth. Teeth frequently darken with age as organic pigments gradually penetrate the outer layer of protective enamel. Also this layer of tooth enamel can progressively thin with functional wear, exposing more of the natural tooth colour underneath. All these effects can be prematurely aging, especially when excellent results can often be safely achieved through tooth whitening.

Whiten in Our Surgery or At Home

The Dental Group uses high quality professional whitening systems that can safely and effectively whiten your teeth in our office in a single visit. Alternately, we can supply home whitening kits utilising custom-fitted mouth trays or simple pre-fabricated carriers. These whitening systems are effective, safe, and straightforward to use at home. We can discuss the most suitable option for your needs during an initial consultation.

Whiten Your Teeth Safely and Comfortably

Our dentist will carefully examine your teeth and gums prior to whitening to ensure there are no existing dental problems that require treatment before carrying out this procedure. We take every precaution to prevent or minimise side effects during tooth whitening. Our whitening products contain desensitising agents to lower any tooth sensitivity, as well as natural ingredients to help aid tooth remineralisation and to reduce enamel dehydration. Once your treatment is completed, your teeth should look naturally white and we can advise on a maintenance plan to keep them looking their best.

We Encourage Questions

Any recommended treatments are always fully explained and we actively encourage questions. You can rest assured it will never be too much trouble as we want you to have all the knowledge required to make informed choices about your dental care. This is absolutely essential in building trust so you can have complete confidence in your dental care.