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What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a particular branch of dentistry that focuses on correcting issues that affect the alignment of your teeth and jaws. The Dental Group provides an extensive range of orthodontic services and we are particularly experienced at treating very young patients using the most up-to-date early interceptive orthodontics. These techniques can help children develop balanced facial profiles and straight, healthy teeth.

Orthodontics Hampton & DingleyWe Can Provide the Most Appropriate Treatment for Your Needs

Our dentists will diagnose any orthodontic problems before advising you on the best type of appliance for your needs. We are able to provide a number of different appliances and modern orthodontic technology is far more discreet and effective, resulting in shorter treatment times and more comfortable braces. Options also include fixed and removable aesthetic appliances, utilising clear, removable aligners and fixed braces which use clear ceramic brackets.

We Encourage Questions

Any recommended treatments are always fully explained and we actively encourage questions. You can rest assured it will never be too much trouble as we want you to have all the knowledge required to make informed choices about your dental care. This is absolutely essential in building trust so you can have complete confidence in your dental care.