Adult Orthodontics

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How Does Adult Orthodontics Differ from Childhood Orthodontics?

Adult teeth and jaws are fully developed, so we do take quite a different approach compared to childhood orthodontics to account for less flexibility and tissue response. However, the use of modern orthodontic technologies can enable us to significantly improve an adult’s bite relationship and tooth alignment.

Will My Braces Be Visible And How Long Will Treatment Take?

Orthodontic options for adults tend to be less visible and can often deliver a good outcome quite quickly. Often the very best results will be obtained from using fixed appliances. Here at The Dental Group we can provide modern braces that utilise high-tech, low friction brackets that are attached to super elastic, biocompatible arch wires. These are able to move teeth gently yet rapidly. Sometimes treatment can be accelerated with careful tooth shaping or by removing a tiny amount of tooth material interproximally to obtain optimal tooth alignment in just a fraction of the time required by conventional braces.

Multidisciplinary Treatment

Most adults are interested in orthodontics for cosmetic reasons and for this case we may take a multidisciplinary approach to treatment. By using a combination of treatments we can often produce beautiful cosmetic results efficiently and conservatively. This may be as straightforward as using simple orthodontic tooth movement in conjunction with tooth whitening and aesthetic bonding or ceramic veneers.

We Encourage Questions

Any recommended treatments are always fully explained and we actively encourage questions. You can rest assured it will never be too much trouble as we want you to have all the knowledge required to make informed choices about your dental care. This is absolutely essential in building trust so you can have complete confidence in your dental care.